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Earrings "Dazzling pearl" - Gorgeous collection

Earrings "Dazzling pearl" - Gorgeous collection

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Gorgeous collection: "Dazzling pearl" earrings

Product Name: Dazzling Pearl

Product Type:Earring


Natural pearls

Zinc alloy


Stud earrings/needle: 925 silver gold plated

Longer: 2.3cm


The "Dazzling" series is a very dazzling and luxurious series. It is very suitable for all kinds of large parties. This earrings "Dazzling Pearl" is a very classic earring in this series, with a huge pearl surrounded by small crystals. It gives people a luxurious and not exaggerated effect. You can wear it on all occasions.

Care instructions:

Keep it away from children

Store dry

Avoid contact with chemicals

Avoid severe shocks to prevent scratches

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